Make a Donation or Become a Volunteer!

They are Creeklife approved!

Most of us remember playing in a great park as kids or going on walks along a beautiful creek. It is heartbreaking when we visit those same places today and find litter all over the park and creeks choked with debris. Naturally, we wish we could do something about it, but how do we start?

We have a way to make a difference in your neighborhoods, to rally friends, family and other people, just like us, who want to help keep their favorite outdoor places beautiful.

Our website and blog is designed to bring attention, funding and action to local outdoor issues that often get ignored. We make it easy to get involved on many different levels from creating an action to just donating a few dollars for a clean-up project. Our interactive website organizes outdoor issues by geographic area and when you become a member, you will receive email notifications of projects in your city.

It is easy to create your own project just click on the map! You can post photos along with a description and even a video to let others know what your goal is. The website allows for real-time updating of project progress so donors can see how the money is being used. This kind of interaction and social media updating gets people excited to help and contribute to doing good for the outdoors. Creeklife takes away the frustration and feeling powerless to make a difference and gives you the platform and tools to make a true and lasting change for your favorite outdoor places