Summer is here! For many people, the next few months will include hot and sticky weather. We’re not necessarily complaining: warmth will be a welcome change after such a cold winter. However, the hot season is often heavily polluted, due to all those people driving to the beach with their air conditioners on! We want to encourage you to enjoy the summer months AND reduce pollution. Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to turn off the air and get all hot and sticky.


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1) Refuel your car after your evening meal. Hot temperatures plus gasoline fumes create ground-level ozone. If you wait until close to sunset or refuel after the sun is down, you are actually helping to reduce ground-level ozone.

2) Use a broom to sweep up grass clipping instead of a leaf blower. You will get exercise, and will reduce the amount of pollutants and pollen that your leaf blower puts in the air. If you use a gas leaf blower, sweeping even just once a month reduces those gas emissions. Think about composting the grass clippings.



Photo by Brian Boucheron.


3) Carefully consider what kinds of fertilizers you use on your grass. Some lawn fertilizers can pollute the groundwater. Look for ecofriendly brands, or try composting!

4) Get your vehicle checked. Ensure that your car is not contributing more than usual to air pollution, and that the tires are properly inflated.

5) While working in the yard, be careful of spilling fuel that could leak into the water supply or evaporate into the air. Use a metal gas can with a handle, and use a spout or funnel while filling your lawn mower. Close the gas can cap to avoid fumes polluting the air.

6) If you are painting this summer, check what is in the paint. Use ecofriendly paints as much as possible. Also remember to follow your city’s procedures for disposing of paint cans.

Six ways you can help reduce pollution this summer without getting all hot and sticky! Which ones will you do?


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Posted by Mark Contorno.


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