Technology has proven to be a double-edged sword when analyzing its effects on the environment. So how can we protect the environment while utilizing technical tools, like computers or mobile devices? One way is to use apps that can inform and help people all over the world about eco-friendly living and working. Here are a few free tech tools that can guide you in making better environmentally-friendly choices daily.

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1. Creek Watch (Apple)

Creek Watch is a great app that helps you monitor your local watershed. It allows you to input your observations and photo of trash and water flow of local creeks and streams. The data helps water organizations, scientists and agencies learn more about the state of various watersheds. Like Creeklife (a web-based app), this app can help protect our environment by spreading awareness and involving more participants in reducing water pollution.

2. BrightNest (Apple)

BrightNest is a great tool for any homeowner looking to green their lifestyle. Offering tips on cleaning with homemade, chemical-free detergents or solutions, DIY maintenance, and other ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Even better, most of these tips and tricks save your household money while saving the environment.

3. My CO2 Carbon Calculator (Android)

This easy-to-use Android app helps you track your carbon footprint in an efficient and productive way. The app prompts you to input data about your daily activities, and helps you set goals to reduce your footprint with tips and advice on changing your lifestyle. You can share your efforts through your social media profiles as well, which can encourage others to join in on understanding their own carbon emissions.

4. Dirty Dozen (Apple)

This app serves as a great shopping buddy. This app tells you which fruits and vegetables are leading the pack with harmful contaminants, according to the Environmental Working Group’s studies, as well as which fruits and vegetables are the cleanest. Though simple and too the point, it has valuable information for protecting your health and your family’s by reducing pesticide exposure. Through this app, you can learn more about why shopping organic helps protect the environment, and why it is important to look into pesticide and GMO debates.

5. Leafully (Web)

This web-based app helps you monitor your energy spending by sourcing data directly from your utility. The winner of the US Department of Energy’s Apps for Energy competition, this app also makes your data more understandable by converting the energy spent into tree units, or, how many trees would be needed in order to offset your energy costs. This easy-to-understand app goes a long way in helping more people understand energy consumption.

There are so many ways where technology can be helpful tools for reducing our impact on the Earth and protecting the environment. For more free apps, check out the EPA’s own Green Apps database.

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