Fundraising has historically been an ideal method of obtaining money to support a specific cause, person, or challenge. In recent years, the internet has advanced the concept of fundraising drastically. With numerous websites and options for fundraisers there are tons of ways to gain necessary monetary support from others. And, believe it or not there are a great deal of individuals seeking great causes to support! Take a look at some of the most popular fundraising websites and maybe even find some causes you’d like to support in the process!

1. GoFundMe


GoFundMe is a popular fundraising website for a number of different causes. Most common causes include those related to health care costs or medical challenges, emergencies, memorials, sports and volunteer work. Fundraisers are able to create a campaign; telling viewers about their situation and why they are looking to raise funds. They are then able to share their campaign with friends and family via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or by e-mailing. Many campaigns have even gone “viral” gaining nationwide support. Donations can either be sent by a bank transfer or by check and fundraisers can update and sent thank you notes from their dashboard. GoFundMe has helped to provide financial support to aid victims of fires and burglary, alleviate the financial burden of unexpected last expenses as well as help fund the medical care of hundreds of people across the US and even into Europe.

2. Creeklife



Creeklife is the ultimate fundraising website for those looking to give back to the environment. The goal of the website is to bring together the outdoors and people who love the outdoors. Unfortunately many issues that plague our environment and neighborhoods lack attention and financial support. Creeklife seeks to aid activists in helping their local environment. “We want to help clean up the creek you played in as a kid and want your kids to play in. We want to provide the resources to clean up the litter on your street. We want to make it possible to accomplish the small things that cost money yet are priceless in the reward of enjoying the outdoors the way it was meant to be.” Creeklife makes it easy to sign up, only an e-mail and zip code is required. They even feature an interactive map to view current projects taking place around the country. Once a member, you can browse existing projects or create your own call to action and seek support. Creeklife is a great resource for all individuals passionate about the environment but is also ideal for 4-H Clubs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, as well as State Parks and Recreation Departments.

3. Fundly


Fundly, similar to GoFundMe , is a fundraising platform for a number of projects. From medical and health projects to non-profits, charity, and school projects, Fundly is a versatile platform to aid the raising of funds for a variety of projects. Fundly provide members with the ability to upload photos and videos as well as create a slideshow to further promote the cause. They offer a “blog-like” feature to update supporters with the newest information regarding the cause. Fundraisers can promote their cause by sharing via social media or choosing one of Fundly’s customizable e-mail templates. Fundly users keep all their funds and funds are available within 24-48 hours of donation.

4. GiveForward


GiveForward offers a platform similar to GoFundMe and Fundly but who’s most frequent fundraisers are for medical emergencies, aiding victims of disease or victims of natural disasters/emergencies. GiveForward provides fundraisers with the ability to upload a photo or video along with a personal story about their loved one. Unique from the other sites, GiveForward fundraisers are assigned a personal coach to answer any questions about the fundraising process and to help start the process. GiveForward is not free, and charges 7.9% as well as $0.50 per transaction. Donations can be collected by credit/debit card and are dispersed at the discretion of the fundraiser.

5. KickStarter



KickStarter is more than just a fundraising site but is actually a platform that is a way to gain support and funds for creative projects. Projects like films, music, art and design can gain support and fund pledges from KickStarter. Creators and backers are the key to getting projects off the ground. If a creator does not meet their fund goal, they receive none of the funds that have been pledged. Nearly 44% of the projects started on KickStarter have reached their funding goals. Interestingly, KickStarter highlights the fact that other creative works like those of Mozart and Mark Twain were funded similarly by soliciting funds from small patrons.

Fundraising is Important


Raising funds for various projects whether it be a family in need of a home, a neighborhood in need of clean up or an artist in need of support, are all important causes that call on the hearts of different people.

Using fundraising platforms is a great way to identify causes that call to your heart as well as to create your own causes. The ultimate goal of fundraising is to give back, something that the world can always use a little more of.

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