In 2009, a group of people got together and decided that they were going to do something about the pollution in Bread and Cheese Creek near Dundalk, Maryland. They created a non-profit, got sponsors and garnered partnerships with other non-profit organizations with similar goals. Oh, and by the way, they also happened to have facilitated several clean-up efforts that have resulted in more than 50 tons of garbage being removed from the stream and it’s surrounding areas. Check out their
website to see a pretty comprehensive list of what was pulled out of this creek!

6/7/14 Cleanup of Dundalk's War of 1812 Monuments
Why in the world would people care about a creek in Maryland? What a few folks might not know is that this creek has historical significance. During the War of 1812, American Soldier’s fought against superior numbers on the banks of the Bread and Cheese Creek, and they drove the British back. This creek was vital to building American Pride, and it has been poorly treated.

Help us cleanup three historic War of 1812 Monuments on June 7, 2014, their sacrafice does not deserve to be forgotten.
Fortunately, the folks at Clean Bread and Cheese Creek have taken action. Recently, they posted this {link to action page} Call to Action here on Creeklife, and we are so glad they did. They were able to raise $135, publicize their event, and now they are one step closer to being ready for the Star Spangled Sailabration celebrating the National Bicentennial of the War of 1812.

If you have a cause worth fighting for, we hope you’ll find inspiration in this story. Go ahead and create a Call to Action today.


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Posted by Mark Contorno.


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