Three Ways to Help the Environment with Your Morning Cup of Joe

Recently we discussed ecofriendly disposal of coffee grounds. Here are some more ways that your caffeine fix can have a conscience: 1. Get rid of the disposable paper cup! Although paper beats styrofoam, most mainstream disposable coffee cups are still no good. Nina Spitzer writes, “Most paper cups have a thin coating of polyethylene resin […]

Simple Ways to Help the Environment as a Business-Owner

Some people may read an article about helping the environment, and take away one or two action steps to adopt in their daily life. Others may listen to politicians promoting a platform that includes increasing environmental awareness or protection. It can be a hot button issue particularly around election time, both nationally and locally. Illustration […]

Four Easy Ways to Help the Environment

Everyone has heard about global warming. We know that the environment around us is threatened. At times, the problem is so large that it becomes overwhelming. Most of us want to help but we simply don’t know how. If you want to get involved, start in your local community. There are easy ways to help […]

Five Practical Ways To Reduce Watershed Pollution

Here’s an eye-opening statistic: The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 44% of stream miles, 64% of lake acres and 30% of bay square miles are not suitable for fishing or swimming, due to pollution. If steps are not taken to preserve these valuable watersheds, access to clean water will continue to diminish. Photograph by […]