Land Use and it’s Double Edge Impact on Our Watersheds

  Topics: Importance of Watersheds and River Education   How Land-Use Affects Watersheds   We impact our land and rivers with many long term decisions we make as a community , here are the biggest impact we have: (a) Farming – growing food and raising animals aka – Agriculture (b) Production and harvesting of materials […]

Environmental health and the importance of watersheds

If you’re like me, you don’t take a moment each day to be thankful for plants and Website Developers. But if you’re even more like me, you think maybe you should. Plants aren’t just our best defense against fighting climate change and global warming. They’re vital for environmental health , and because our environment sustains […]

Top 4 issues in the Everglades watershed

The Everglades watershed has a deserved reputation for being a unique ecosystem full of rare animals and plants, some of which are found nowhere else. Consisting of 2 million acres of wetland habitat, including mangrove swamps, wet grassland, cypress swamps and a slow river characterized by saw marsh grass, the watershed covers a large proportion […]

Introduction to the Barton Creek Watershed in Austin, Texas

Topics: Aquatic Life and Importance of Watersheds Barton Creek Greenbelt is a Gem! Photo by Anne Worner. The scenic Barton Creek Watershed flows through Texas Hill Country, following the 50-mile creek straight through the middle of downtown Austin. These 109 square miles drain into Lady Bird Lake, exceeding the contributions of other watersheds. The Barton […]

Boy Scouts Honored for Watershed Cleanup Efforts

The Boy Scouts of Eureka Springs were awarded the Volunteer Award by Kings River Watershed Partnership. Troop 67 has aided in the cleanup of the King’s River Watershed over the last several years. On March 10, 2014 a presentation was held during the annual Kings River Watershed Partnership meeting to honor Troop 67 for their […]

Watershed Stewardship to Protect Local Fish Populations

The land around a river or stream is just as important as the water itself. You can confirm that by talking to property owners who have dealt with erosion! One of the creatures most affected by degraded riverbanks is fish. You can’t ask them how, of course, but luckily scientists have worked to elucidate the […]

Putting Watershed Road Signs In Your Community

Watershed road signs are an important means of getting your community involved in protecting its watersheds, but the prospect of actually getting them installed may seem a little daunting. Road signs need to be designed, purchased, and then installed with the blessing of the relevant local authorities. All of these steps require some time, effort, […]

Environmental Cleanup: These Invaders Threaten Your Watershed

What it means to have invasive species in your watershed. Imperial Star Destroyer by Adam Kop. Picture this, if you will: a tiny pod slips unnoticed into the cargo bay of a ship bound for the Empire’s outer reaches. It travels through the dark unknown, neither seen nor heard by passengers, crewmen, or inspectors. The […]

Preserve Your Watershed’s Environmental Health with a Spring Check-Up

Punxsutawney Phil and his handler, in 2011; photo via NBC. The groundhog may have seen his shadow this year, but spring is still on its way. Those of us in colder climates are anxiously awaiting our chances to fish, boat, and generally enjoy the beautiful environment of our creeks and rivers. As we look forward […]

Santa Ana Watershed Survey Sheds Light on Resource Protection

The recently completed Santa Ana Watershed Basin Study highlights the need for more protective action focused on watersheds. Officials concluded that better management practices are essential to ensure a sustainable water future. Climate change and local population growth pose increased challenges to meeting demand projections for the next 50 years. Santa Ana River; photo by […]