Phenomenal Ecological Impact, Itty Bitty Living Creature:

  Topics: Invasive Species, Habitat Loss , Environmental Health   The Fresh Water Jellyfish, Craspedacusta sowerbyi   If you caught my reference to the Genie from Disney’s Alladin, then you rock. In more serious terms, we are actually talking about something important to our ecosystems today, and that is that a little creature, sometimes no […]

A Refresher Course: Water Pollution Facts

You probably realize that water pollution is a major issue, but how much do you really know about it? Here are some eye-opening water pollution facts: According to Water Benefits Health, Americans use more than 2.2 billion pounds of pesticides each year, many of which contain nitrogen and phosphorus. Residue from these pesticides eventually washes […]

When Pollution Dirties Water, The Facts Are Often Clear

The United States is looking forward to being less dependent on foreign oil, but the process by which we produce our own fuel has led to fears of further pollution in our water supplies. More and more frequently, we learn of new hazardous industry practices that give us great cause for concern, especially when the […]

The Effect of Fracking: Water Systems & Drinking Water

Anti-fracking march; photo via hudsonriverkeeper (Flickr). There is a huge fracking fracas that is spreading throughout the US as gas exploration companies seek to target underground gas resources throughout the country. You may be wondering what all the uproar is about. We need energy, and underground gas reserves offer an abundant source of natural energy […]

The Drinking Water Crisis in Review

Amar Guriro describes his photo: “A resident of Achhro Thar […] is taking his camel to get well water. [This part of Pakistan] is facing acute potable water shortage.” One commenter offered grim praise: “This amazing image brings home the fundamental importance of water and the urgency of its increasing scarcity in parts of the […]

What are you REALLY drinking from your plastic water bottle?

Did you know that bottled water companies are not required to test for asbestos in their water? They are also allowed to have levels of contaminants such as lead and bacteria. Traces of E. coli are prohibited in tap water, but not in bottled water. Tap water is more strictly regulated than bottled water, and […]

What You Need To Know About Water Pollution

Water pollution is a global challenge that threatens the health, food security, economy, and ecosystems of communities everywhere. The first step toward positive change is to learn more about how and why water becomes contaminated. Here are some water pollution facts, and tips for what you can do to save the environment: 1. Only 2.5% […]

How to Reduce Storm Water Runnoff Pollution

Every day, our creeks and rivers are threatened by pollution from┬ástorm water runnoff. As it rains, the water that drains into these water bodies and sewage systems can carry debris and pollutants, due to the inability to naturally soak through the ground. But there are many ways to reduce the hazardous effects of storm water […]

Five Practical Ways To Reduce Watershed Pollution

Here’s an eye-opening statistic: The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 44% of stream miles, 64% of lake acres and 30% of bay square miles are not suitable for fishing or swimming, due to pollution. If steps are not taken to preserve these valuable watersheds, access to clean water will continue to diminish. Photograph by […]