Great Lakes water and the drought in California

  You have likely seen the disturbing and shocking pictures of the effect of the drought in California that have been making their way around online. What was once a lush river environment now resembles an almost canyon-like feel, where the walls of the dried out banks make the entire image seem unnatural and wrong. […]

Generating Electricity from Water Pipes

      It seems as though almost every day we are introduced to a new idea of how we can best create new energy in a sustainable and effective manner. In a time of rising climate change crises, there is more pressure than ever to find effective energy harvesting methods in order to secure […]

Cleveland and The Year of Clean Water 2015

  Clevelander’s are taking action that really helps show the city’s commitment to clean water and how it is an important resource that the city has. It is an asset that every North Eastern Ohioan knows, the Lake and it’s rivers are one of the greatest assets we have and Creeklife agrees! Read more to […]

Harmful Algal Blooms Are Affecting The Ecosystem

Topics: Environmental Health and HAB’s    How HAB’s Are Affecting More Than Just Drinking Water   Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) are a problem being faced by all 50 states. Most recently we have been hearing about the HAB in Lake Erie that spurred an impromptu bipartisan caucus of lawmakers. All over the US there is […]

Climate Change Vulnerability to Water Assests in 8 Cities

Topics: Flooding, Environmental Health and Drinking water     Climate change and the vulnerability to our drinking water   When we talk about ‘climate change’ in this article, we do not specifically mean global warming, though that does play a part. The climate of an area regularly goes through fluctuations, and we are currently experiencing […]

Harmful Algal Blooms Toxins

Topics:Toxins in Freshwater and phosphorous issues.  Are You HAB-ing Trouble With Your Drinking Water?   If you live near Lake Erie you’ve likely had to deal with harmful algal blooms (HAB). The most recent one in Lake Erie, though not the largest ever, has really spurred some political movement in the fight for clean drinking […]

Fecal Contamination In Our Drinking Water

Topics: Drinking water , Environmental Health and Water Pollution  Microbial contamination of drinking water   “The present water closet system, with all its boasted advantages, is the worst that can generally be adopted, briefly because it is a most extravagant method of converting a mole-hill into a mountain. It merely removes the bulk of our […]

Curbing the levels of Microsystis in Lake Erie

Did you know that the great lakes counts for 21 percent of the total surface fresh water throughout the world? Have you ever considered the importance played by Lake Erie in these fresh water lakes in the United States? So it’s unfortunate to see that these lakes, especially Lake Erie since being in the news […]

Is Marcellus Shale Costing Us Our Drinking Water?

Topics: drinking water and hydraulic fracturing   Marcellus Shale – Fracking Pollution or Progress?   We all know that most of the earths surface is covered in water – 70%. Of that 97% is salt water, 2% is glacial water at the poles, and 1% is accessible, fresh water that we can use? That one […]

Endangered Birds That Migrate through Ohio

  Topics: Bird Populations and Wildlife.   Top Five Endangered Water Birds in Ohio.   As of 2010, sixteen of Ohio’s birds were listed as endangered and most of these are water birds. The list of endangered water birds includes a wide spread of species, ranging from dramatic species such as swans and cranes to […]