Beat the Heat Without Air Conditioning and Reduce Summer Pollution

Until our energy grid is 100% powered by renewable energy, energy usage will continue to contribute to environmental pollution. Unlike the need to heat our homes in winter, air conditioning in the summer is more of a creature comfort than a survival necessity. Air conditioning consumes so much energy that it often causes power brownouts; […]

Ways to Reduce Summer Pollution Without Getting Hot and Sticky

Summer is here! For many people, the next few months will include hot and sticky weather. We’re not necessarily complaining: warmth will be a welcome change after such a cold winter. However, the hot season is often heavily polluted, due to all those people driving to the beach with their air conditioners on! We want […]

Reduce Pollution While Preparing Your Lawn and Garden for Summer

Those of us who are passionate about protecting the environment are always looking for ways to reduce pollution. Some strategies, like modifying your diet, are easy to practice in all seasons. Others are more relevant at certain times of year. Gardeners across the US are shaking the dust off of their shovels and making their […]