Conserving Amphibian Environments to Save Our Froggy Friends

I grew up in the South, surrounded by the music of frogs chirping. They were an important sign that spring was coming, like crocuses poking up in the garden. Nowadays it is rare to see a frog, or even to hear a stray RIBBIT by the pond. This is not something you think about until […]

Sneaky Little Tricks to Help Save the Environment

Image by natdiaz (Flickr). Are these tricks sneaky? Yes. Are they little? Certainly. Will they help you save the environment? Absolutely! So does it matter that they are sneaky and little? Nope. What matters is that these are things that you can do no matter who you are or where you are. All you need […]

How to Use Trusts to Protect the Environment

The American legal system is rooted in English law, which is in turn rooted in the ancient and complex feudal system. We might think our modern ways of organizing citizenship and government have little in common with the old system of lords, vassals, and serfs, but in fact we share a common thread. Both systems […]

Saving the Environment Through Home Improvement

From volunteering to clean-up creeks and highways, to donating to charitable causes for environmental action, there are a lot of ways we can become active participants in saving the environment. But there are even more ways to make small contributions, starting right at home. Here are some simple changes to reduce your pollution footprint, as […]