The Neuse River: a Valuable North Carolina Resource

Sunset on the Neuse River by Travis (Flickr). The winding Neuse River begins in Piedmont, North Carolina, and empties into the Pamlico Sound. Along the way, it encompasses over 6,000 miles of watershed, making it the longest river in North Carolina. At its mouth, the Neuse is the widest river in the continental United States, […]

Rivers and Possible Hazards While Having Fun

Swimming hole in Hawaii; photo by kezz (deviantART). It can be very refreshing to take a dip in a river or creek (especially if you’ve got your own secret swimming hole). Many people choose local bodies of water for recreation, where they enjoy various aquatic activities: swimming, fishing, boating, etc. However, some rivers are not […]

How Do Rivers Form?

From the Mississippi to the Colorado to the Potomac, natural waterways are vital to America’s environment, economy, and recreation. But few people know or wonder how these rivers formed their courses. Utah: Canyonlands by Marivel87 (deviantART). The birth of a river is dependent on its water-source, which might be snowmelt, precipitation, or groundwater from an […]

River Restoration: 10 Reasons to Remove old Dams

Dams are essential for storing and diverting water, processes which enable hydropower, irrigation, flood control, and consumption by humans or livestock. However, dams have a huge impact on river ecosystems. They drastically alter water flow, affecting natural fauna dispersal and distribution patterns. The consequences for freshwater ecology are disastrous. Over 75,000 dams greater than 6 […]

Rivers and Streams: A Basic Introduction

Related Articles:River Education and Importance of Watersheds Facts About Rivers If you observe a river throughout the shifting seasons, you may notice drastic changes in its levels. The river might rise and swell after rainfall, but drain to a trickle during the summer. Where is the water coming from? And why do rivers become rivers? […]

River Erosion: What It Is & How It Happens

River Erosion: How Does It Happen? Here’s how you can help right now! Erosion is the process by which soil and rock are removed from the Earth’s surface by wind or water flow, and then transported and deposited in other locations. It is an environmental reality that can have great affect on bodies of water, […]

Protecting the Grand River environment is important

Water is probably the most valuable resource on the planet, which is why it is so important to protect and preserve watersheds around the world. To be able to protect these places, it is important to understand where and what they are. Watersheds play an important role because it is the area of land that […]