River Fracking And What It Means

Topics: Fracking  Hydrofracking Under the Ohio River in West Virginia       A Greenpeace diagram which illustrates how fracking works.     What is River Fracking? Under many eastern rivers lie natural gas fields; essentially gold mines to the natural gas industry. This fact has led to river fracking; […]

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3 Reasons to Go Canoeing With a River Guide

  Topics: Canoeing, wildlife and Fitness     Find the river and you will find the sea – French Proverb We humans are becoming increasingly more interested in preserving our health and the health of the world that we live in. In order to increase the health of our world, […]

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River Dredging In The Great Lakes

  Dredging will always be a serious concern in the Great Lakes   As an important transport route for tons of cargo goods annually, the Cuyahoga river serves as a critical channel economically in the Cleveland area. However, as sources of sediment are pushed down the river by the current, […]

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