River Fracking And What It Means

Topics: Fracking  Hydrofracking Under the Ohio River in West Virginia       A Greenpeace diagram which illustrates how fracking works.     What is River Fracking? Under many eastern rivers lie natural gas fields; essentially gold mines to the natural gas industry. This fact has led to river fracking; setting up hydraulic fracturing wells […]

The Cuyahoga River Yesterday and Today

Topics: Cleveland, Ohio  The Famous Flaming River of Cleveland – The Beautiful Cuyahoga!   The Cuyahoga River located in Northeast Ohio feeds Lake Erie with its 85 miles of winding waters. This river, also known to some as the river that burned, has history. At one point it was a poster child…an example for being […]

River Erosion Control In Your Backyard: Why Does It Matter?

    Topics: Creek and River Erosion and Ways You Can Help  Facts and tips on how to manage creek and stream erosion.     River Erosion Control: Taming A Subtle, Yet Powerful Force of Nature Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon? The Grand Canyon is perhaps one of the most impressive examples of […]

3 Reasons to Go Canoeing With a River Guide

  Topics: Canoeing, wildlife and Fitness     Find the river and you will find the sea – French Proverb We humans are becoming increasingly more interested in preserving our health and the health of the world that we live in. In order to increase the health of our world, we need to engross ourselves […]

Impact of Damming on Salamander Species along the Grand River

  Related Articles: River Dammings, The Grand River watershed and Habitats     River Damming   The building of any low head dams on river systems may have some significant effects on aquatic ecosystems. Adverse effects such as interruption of flood cycles, habitat degradation, flow rate, and watershed alterations are some examples of the consequences […]

River Dredging In The Great Lakes

  Dredging will always be a serious concern in the Great Lakes   As an important transport route for tons of cargo goods annually, the Cuyahoga river serves as a critical channel economically in the Cleveland area. However, as sources of sediment are pushed down the river by the current, stretches of the Cuyahoga become […]

Idaho Gold Miners Not Rushing to Areas with River Dredging Rules

Removing the concentrate from gold sluice. Photo by John Louis. Ever since the California Gold Rush began in 1848, American opportunists have been passionately pursuing shiny metal in rivers and streams across the country. Idaho’s Salmon River remains a particularly active area. Some miners treat the pursuit as a hobby, using light equipment to scrape […]

Paddle for the Environment: River City Eco Fest in Jacksonville, Florida

Many of us are committed to reducing our personal daily impact on the environment, but it takes the efforts of an entire neighborhood–or an entire city–to build a better, cleaner future. Community-scale projects that promote environmental awareness are a winning proposition. Why not educate the public while giving them a good time? Jacksonville, Florida is […]

The Vast and Vital Drainage Basin of the Colorado River

Meander of the Colorado River; photo by CitizenFresh (deviantART). The drainage basin of the Colorado River constitutes the 7th largest watershed in North America. Size estimates vary from source to source, but most describe it as being roughly 245,000 square miles. This area encompasses parts of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, […]

History of the San Antonio River Walk in Texas

Photo by schwagz23 (deviantART). Over the course more than fifty years, the San Antonio River Walk has become one of the main tourist attractions in Texas. From its humble beginnings in 1968, the River Walk is now a bustling scene full of special events and celebrations outlining the river’s history and current conservation efforts. Founders […]