Help the Environment by Reducing Food Waste

Most people don’t realize this, but food production is one of society’s most environmentally destructive activities. The greenhouse gasses generated from agriculture are more than those emitted from motor vehicles, airplanes, and trains combined. A great deal of pollution results from agriculture, from sources such as pesticides and manure. These pollutants often find their way […]

Ways to Reduce Summer Pollution Without Getting Hot and Sticky

Summer is here! For many people, the next few months will include hot and sticky weather. We’re not necessarily complaining: warmth will be a welcome change after such a cold winter. However, the hot season is often heavily polluted, due to all those people driving to the beach with their air conditioners on! We want […]

Reduce Pollution and Save Money: College Student Edition

Topics: Recycling and Ways to help the environment. Help The Environment and Save Money For School. Environmental action can be difficult to translate into a busy academic schedule. Many college students feel that they don’t have the money, time or energy for extra responsibilities. However, working to reduce pollution has the added benefit of being […]

How to Reduce Storm Water Runnoff Pollution

Every day, our creeks and rivers are threatened by pollution from┬ástorm water runnoff. As it rains, the water that drains into these water bodies and sewage systems can carry debris and pollutants, due to the inability to naturally soak through the ground. But there are many ways to reduce the hazardous effects of storm water […]

Five Practical Ways To Reduce Watershed Pollution

Here’s an eye-opening statistic: The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 44% of stream miles, 64% of lake acres and 30% of bay square miles are not suitable for fishing or swimming, due to pollution. If steps are not taken to preserve these valuable watersheds, access to clean water will continue to diminish. Photograph by […]