Top 5 Fundraising Websites

  Fundraising has historically been an ideal method of obtaining money to support a specific cause, person, or challenge. In recent years, the internet has advanced the concept of fundraising drastically. With numerous websites and options for fundraisers there are tons of ways to gain necessary monetary support from others. And, believe it or not […]

Top 4 issues in the Everglades watershed

The Everglades watershed has a deserved reputation for being a unique ecosystem full of rare animals and plants, some of which are found nowhere else. Consisting of 2 million acres of wetland habitat, including mangrove swamps, wet grassland, cypress swamps and a slow river characterized by saw marsh grass, the watershed covers a large proportion […]

River Restoration: 10 Reasons to Remove old Dams

Dams are essential for storing and diverting water, processes which enable hydropower, irrigation, flood control, and consumption by humans or livestock. However, dams have a huge impact on river ecosystems. They drastically alter water flow, affecting natural fauna dispersal and distribution patterns. The consequences for freshwater ecology are disastrous. Over 75,000 dams greater than 6 […]