Protect a Watershed by Getting Involved

How to protect watersheds Your local watershed is a vital source of clean water for the homes and habitats in your community. And yet it is threatened every day by routine pollution and unchecked water waste. Luckily, each one of us can take action to protect our watersheds, by making minor lifestyle changes and/or getting […]

Use Apps to Protect the Environment

Technology has proven to be a double-edged sword when analyzing its effects on the environment. So how can we protect the environment while utilizing technical tools, like computers or mobile devices? One way is to use apps that can inform and help people all over the world about eco-friendly living and working. Here are a […]

Protecting the Environment One Re-Usable Bag at a Time

Topics:Protecting the environmentAccording to the EPA, everyone lives in a watershed, “…and our individual actions can directly affect it.” A watershed is any area of land off of which water runs into streams, creeks and rivers. Many small bodies of water and the wildlife therein are threatened by pollution, and plastic bags are among the greatest […]

Protecting the Grand River environment is important

Water is probably the most valuable resource on the planet, which is why it is so important to protect and preserve watersheds around the world. To be able to protect these places, it is important to understand where and what they are. Watersheds play an important role because it is the area of land that […]