How Can We Help Protect Frogs, Toads and Salamanders?

    How To Help Protect Frogs, Toads and Salamanders   Image by Wikimedia  Ohio is home to about 40 amphibian species and at least five of these are endangered, including the Eastern spadefoot toad and the cave salamander. Worldwide, the populations of frogs, toads and salamanders have been showing rapid decreases due to a […]

How to Protect the Environment During a Drought: Everyday Water Conservation

Dry, cracked earth in Portugal. Photo by Pedro Valdez. It’s always important to consider how we can conserve precious natural resources. During times of drought, we need to be extra cautious about local watersheds. Sensitive species and delicate biomes are especially prone to damage when water is scarce. This article will suggest ways for you […]

Bird Watch: How to Help Five US Species Threatened by Watershed Pollution

The effects of watershed contamination are felt by all of the species that inhabit a local community, from humans to insects. However, some wildlife groups are impacted more than others, suffering from loss of habitat and disrupted breeding patterns, the frequent consequences of careless human activity. This post will introduce you to five bird species […]

How to Protect the Environment and Challenging The Governments Actions

Government agencies such as the US Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management are constantly making important decisions about the land under their jurisdiction. However, just because they have legal authority doesn’t mean that they get to arbitrarily approve or deny activities on their land. In fact, “arbitrary and capricious” agency actions are overturned […]

Protect Birds & Wildlife with Collection Receptacles for Fishing Lines: Part Two

In the previous post we talked about the importance of collection receptacles for fishing lines and the ease of raising the funds to install these useful fixtures in your watershed. The next steps are a little more involved as far as labor is concerned, but they are both simple and fun. Whether you’re an angler […]

Protect the Environment by Fighting Re-Zoning

Zoning laws in the U.S. are intended to allow cities to develop according to an efficient, aesthetically pleasing plan. Although cities have zoning committees whose job it is to determine how land may be used within their jurisdiction, the people in the community have a powerful voice that can affect zoning decisions. Photo by Top […]

Know Your Enemy: How to Protect the Environment from Whirling Disease

When you hear the word “trout”, perhaps you think of an angler displaying a specimen of these beautiful sportfish before releasing it back into the water. Maybe you picture an osprey swooping down to seize a trout in its talons. Or you might picture one of the top predators of a small stream lurking in […]

Creek Cleanup Safety: Protect Yourself While Protecting the Environment

Riverkeeper Sweep at Annsville Creek, via hudsonriverkeeper on Flickr. Although the dangers involved with creek cleanup are usually mild and easily avoided, crews do face some combination of physical, toxic, and natural hazards. After all, we don’t go to the effort of organizing, crowdfunding, and carrying out creek cleanups because our creeks are full of […]

How to Use Trusts to Protect the Environment

The American legal system is rooted in English law, which is in turn rooted in the ancient and complex feudal system. We might think our modern ways of organizing citizenship and government have little in common with the old system of lords, vassals, and serfs, but in fact we share a common thread. Both systems […]