When Pollution Dirties Water, The Facts Are Often Clear

The United States is looking forward to being less dependent on foreign oil, but the process by which we produce our own fuel has led to fears of further pollution in our water supplies. More and more frequently, we learn of new hazardous industry practices that give us great cause for concern, especially when the […]

Pollution Isn’t Pretty: Campaigning for Mid-Michigan Watersheds

Oops, that pollution actually is kinda pretty. Photo by Mike King. A new campaign in the center of Michigan is looking to raise awareness for contaminated watersheds. The project, Pollution Isn’t Pretty, has the support of several local eco-protection groups, such as Eaton Conservation District. These organizations directly serve their communities by focusing on natural […]

Fighting Water Pollution With Fungi

Many people have encountered fungi in the form of mold, or perhaps athlete’s foot. What most of us don’t realize is that fungi can serve as an ideal tool to fight water pollution. There are two different-but-related methods for using fungi in this manner: mycofiltration and mycoremediation. Fungus photographed by JuliaC2006 on Flickr. Mycofiltration refers […]

What You Need To Know About Water Pollution

Water pollution is a global challenge that threatens the health, food security, economy, and ecosystems of communities everywhere. The first step toward positive change is to learn more about how and why water becomes contaminated. Here are some water pollution facts, and tips for what you can do to save the environment: 1. Only 2.5% […]

Small Daily Steps Can Prevent Pollution

Environmental pollution results in part from ordinary day-to-day actions. Although this is a huge problem with a big industrial component, making small changes to your daily lifestyle can add up to significant environmental benefit. By learning how to reduce your personal contribution to pollution, you can improve the future of this planet and its inhabitants. […]

Land use management affects watershed landscape

Focus in southwestern Ohio, U.S.A. The watersheds in southwestern Ohio have had huge changes in their landscapes over time. These changes include spectacular increases of 460% in rain-field cropland and fields dedicated to grow pasture, with an estimated 560% increase over a period of 300 years. These changes affected water quantity and quality; they increased […]