Understanding Rhythms in Nature To Avoid Pollution

In the modern world, we have a calendar that moves directly forward. The year 2014 comes after the year 2013. And the month of June comes after the month of May. For us, time is a linear process. Time as a Cyclical Process   Unlike us, there are certain cultures that believe that time is […]

Ways to Reduce Summer Pollution Without Getting Hot and Sticky

Summer is here! For many people, the next few months will include hot and sticky weather. We’re not necessarily complaining: warmth will be a welcome change after such a cold winter. However, the hot season is often heavily polluted, due to all those people driving to the beach with their air conditioners on! We want […]

Production Follows Values

Topics: Bees Companies with the same ideals end up sinking their roots into the same soil, not in competition but in mutually nourishing coexistence. These groups work together to promote a healthy ecosystem. When we’re talking about environmental organizations, “healthy ecosystem” isn’t just a metaphor. Photo via Edible Cleveland. Timothy Riffle of HIVE and COOP […]

Reduce Pollution While Preparing Your Lawn and Garden for Summer

Those of us who are passionate about protecting the environment are always looking for ways to reduce pollution. Some strategies, like modifying your diet, are easy to practice in all seasons. Others are more relevant at certain times of year. Gardeners across the US are shaking the dust off of their shovels and making their […]

Reduce Urban Runoff & Help Prevent Nonpoint Source Pollution

Photo by solarnu (Flickr). Do you know what happens to rainwater and snowmelt when they flow across the ground and soak into the soil? As the water moves, it picks up pollutants, ultimately spreading them to lakes, streams, and groundwater reserves. The farther the water has to travel before it can soak into the ground, […]

Water Pollution in the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes combined account for around 20% of the entire world’s freshwater supply, which is why keeping them clean is of utmost importance. These lakes are all one system, yet each one has its own unique characteristics that make dealing with water pollution different. Here are some water pollution facts about the Great Lakes […]

Reduce Pollution and Save Money: College Student Edition

Topics: Recycling and Ways to help the environment. Help The Environment and Save Money For School. Environmental action can be difficult to translate into a busy academic schedule. Many college students feel that they don’t have the money, time or energy for extra responsibilities. However, working to reduce pollution has the added benefit of being […]

Early 2014 Pollution: Disaster for West Virginia Watershed

2014 has already been a bad year for the watersheds of West Virginia. March has barely started, but the state has suffered three major spills. The result is a dangerous increase in the toxicity of local watersheds. There were two separate spills from Freedom Industries, which is in Charleston, West Virginia. Patriot Coal Corporation, located […]

How do Artificial Waterways Affect Watershed Pollution?

When we think about fighting watershed pollution, we often think about the efforts we must take to protect the waterways that occur naturally in our communities. From small creeks to roaring rivers, these habitats have often been developing for thousands of years without any human intervention. They have shaped the conditions of the environments we […]

A Refresher Course: Water Pollution Facts

You probably realize that water pollution is a major issue, but how much do you really know about it? Here are some eye-opening water pollution facts: According to Water Benefits Health, Americans use more than 2.2 billion pounds of pesticides each year, many of which contain nitrogen and phosphorus. Residue from these pesticides eventually washes […]