5 Reasons to Reach for Reusable Bags Instead of Plastic Bags

      We’ve all been there: in line at the grocery store, a week’s worth of food on the conveyor belt, and you realize you’ve forgotten your reusable bag at home. Maybe the plastic bags vs. reusable bags question has been settled in your household, and you almost always bring your reusable bags with […]

Plastic Bag Waste

Related Topics: Plastic Bags and Plastics & The Environment   Are plastics really that bad?   As you well know, the prevalence of plastic in our world is profound. It surrounds us all of the time. Take a look around you; you will be surprised at how many plastic items you see. Now stop and […]

The Relevance of Microplastics in Our Environment

  Micro plastics could kill us all!Microplastics are one of the littlest, deadliest manufactured secretes out there today. It has made it’s way into some of our most revered products and threatens the health of our wildlife and our own! Have you ever taken the time to consider the ingredients in your commonly used personal […]

Plastic Pollution – How You Can Help.

  Topics: Plastics ,Ways to protect the environment and Wildlife .     Plastic Pollution – It’s a Killer and Makes Us Sad.   Plastic pollution is not only unsightly and disgusting, it is also pretty dangerous to wildlife, aquatic wildlife especially! If you haven’t seen the iconic photographs of the plastic-filled albatrosses by Chris […]

Plastic Bags & the Environment: Not a Good Mix

Plastic bags are everywhere. They are in stores, homes and unfortunately also the natural environment. In the United States alone there are billions of plastic bags used each year. They are disposed of in landfills as well as in the open ocean. Since plastic bags have such a slow rate of decomposition, they will be […]

Six Reasons Why Plastic Is Bad for the Environment

      Ways to help the environment   While this material can be useful, plastic pollution is the leading type of discarded material. Invented in 1907 by Leo Baekeland in New York, He developed the process to make plastic for the masses, then in 1947 the plastic bottle made it’s debut. This brings us […]