How to Handle Invasive Plants in Your Local Environment

You have identified invasive plants on your property, and now you’re wondering about the next step. Although prevention is the best method of control, you still have some options to minimize the spread of the existing invasive plants. Here are some steps you can take to try and achieve this goal:   Photo via Ohio […]

Plants and Erosion Control Go Together

Todays’ Topic: Plants and erosion control Today erosion control is a real concern for people who are planning any type of landscaping.  Without the proper plants in place mudslides have been known to come down a hill and swallow anything in its path.  Erosion can cause rocks to fall onto busy highways and more.  Plants […]

Plants: Important Contributors to Erosion Control

The bad news: wind and rain erosion causes the loss of topsoil, changes the landscape, and contributes to environmental pollution. The good news plants can help control erosion while beautifying the environment! Plants prevent erosion during heavy rains and high winds by holding soil in place with their roots and minimizing runoff. Many different kinds […]