Nature and Landscape Photography

    Capturing Nature and Landscapes Through a Lens   Here’s a Page to Help Keep Up Nature’s Splendor!!All around us is the unbridled beauty of nature. A cascading waterfall, a moonlit sky, a bird in flight. In today’s modern society, however, the natural world is steadily in decline as cities and technology expand into […]

Messing with Mother Nature: The Grey Wolf and Yellowstone

There are two facts that I would like to address today. First, Mother Nature follows a very specific, and unchanging set of rules. The more we break, or change, or completely disregard those rules, the more we realize how complex Nature really is. The second fact is that when there seems to be an abundance […]

Forest Friendship: Nature Photography & Natural Philosophy

Let’s Be Forest Friends is a photo blog full of quiet woodland moments, captured by someone who “stops to smell the flowers”–probably literally as well as figuratively. The artist behind the project, Emily, was kind enough to answer a few questions about her work. Creeklife: How did you get into photography, and specifically nature photography? What made […]