How to Handle Invasive Plants in Your Local Environment

You have identified invasive plants on your property, and now you’re wondering about the next step. Although prevention is the best method of control, you still have some options to minimize the spread of the existing invasive plants. Here are some steps you can take to try and achieve this goal:   Photo via Ohio […]

Fundraising Ideas Your Local Art Community Will Support

Crowdfund a Creek Cleanup with the Help of Your Local Art Community Pablo Picasso was a truly groundbreaking artist; throughout his career, he dared his audiences to find aesthetic value in the chaotic, the rough-edged, and the conventionally ugly. One of most famous sculptures, Bull’s Head, is a simple yet powerful image built out of […]

Watershed Stewardship to Protect Local Fish Populations

The land around a river or stream is just as important as the water itself. You can confirm that by talking to property owners who have dealt with erosion! One of the creatures most affected by degraded riverbanks is fish. You can’t ask them how, of course, but luckily scientists have worked to elucidate the […]