My Lake Has Invasive Species, Now What?

The following article is an aquatic followup to “How to Handle Invasive Plants in Your Local Environment”. Once an invasive species has entered a fishery or any other body of water, it is very difficult to eradicate. Luckily, you may have options. In the instance of the Eurasian Water-Milfoil, it is best to remove a […]

Keep Tahoe Blue: Cleaner Water in California’s Favorite Ski Spot

Topics: Importance of watersheds  Save Lake Tahoe & Take Action!   Clean watersheds are vital to local ecology and human habitats. There are many ways to address our impact on them–through home improvement, for example. But how are local organizations creating ways to reduce pollution in our waters? In recent news, the League to Save […]

Invasive Species in Lake Erie and the Grand River Watershed

How Invasive species are taking over a watershed, an issue for local population of plants, fish and the watershed itself! Invasive species in the Great Lakes are a major problem for the wellbeing of aquatic life and thus also the commercial fishing industry. Areas along the Grand River watershed rely heavily on fishing, both commercial […]