Fundraising for kids

      Children represent our future. Given that, the importance of teaching them the value of service and giving back to others, is paramount. Fundraising for kids offers the perfect teachable moment for children to learn what it means to impact the life of another person, help progress an important project, or make their […]

4 Ways to Teach Kids How to Save the Environment

  Kids playing soccer photographed by Susan Lloyd.   Nowadays, children are kept busy with school and extracurricular activities. Between math class and ballet lessons, there may not be much time to teach them about environmental action. But we all know that kids are curious about everything, from what makes plants grow to what happens […]

Springtime Environmental Cleanup for Little Kids and their Parents

Parents are responsible for teaching their children how to be kind and thoughtful stewards of the earth. Little kids love learning new things, but it’s difficult to explain environmental issues to them; they can’t understand complex phenomena like global climate change or the impact of invasive species. Young children simply don’t have the maturity or […]