Top 4 issues in the Everglades watershed

The Everglades watershed has a deserved reputation for being a unique ecosystem full of rare animals and plants, some of which are found nowhere else. Consisting of 2 million acres of wetland habitat, including mangrove swamps, wet grassland, cypress swamps and a slow river characterized by saw marsh grass, the watershed covers a large proportion […]

How to Prevent Massive Environmental Pollution from Coal Sludge

The Dan River in 2007, by KMason (Flickr). Only a couple weeks ago, North Carolina’s Dan River was a reasonably healthy waterway. Its banks provided food, shelter, and habitat to birds and other wildlife, while its waters were a happy home for fish species ranging from native brook trout to landlocked striped bass. Now, a […]

DDT: Still Threatening the Health of Your Community

What we put in the earth stays with us for a long time, and will continue affecting our health for decades to come. According to a recent article published by Environmental Health News, at least one study shows that exposure to the now-banned pesticide DDT is correlated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Josh […]

2014’s Top Environmental Issues

The new year is about to start. What are some likely environmental priorities for 2014? Photo via Cool Stuff For Vip. Nanoparticles: In many industries, companies are using infinitesimally small particles of matter for a variety of purposes. For example, silver is often used to help fabric resist bacteria growth–or to make gloves appropriate for […]