i-Tree Hydro: Gathering Information for Urban Watershed Management

The EPA encourages municipal authorities to use green infrastructure when mitigating urban stormwater problems. More and more cities are basing their strategies around natural resources, helping to reduce water quantity and improve water quality using methods that have been on Earth for millennia. The way forward they believe is by thinking of new ways to […]

Algal Blooms Turn Lake Erie Florescent Green And Toxic

  Four decades ago, measures were taken to slash the phosphorous levels in one of the Laurentian great lakes – Lake Erie. But now the blue-green algal growth in the water surface of the Lake is back. Satellite imageries and other studies proved that the reappearance of phosphorous in the watershed is the principal factor […]

Pollution in the Great Lakes

After decades, mercury pollution is once again a threat to the aquatic biodiversity of the Great Lakes. The methylmercury level in the water is rising, causing a disturbance to the natural food web. A recent study shows that pollution is already high enough to create pathogenic conditions in the human body. Mercury is usually found […]