Social Impact Bonds are on the Uptick

      Making a true social impact that provides valuable change in a community can be difficult. Beyond simply getting the dedication of passionate individuals, funding large projects meant to enact social progress can be nearly impossible. Unfortunately, both privatized and public sector money is rarely invested in projects focused on social worth, due […]

Wilma Dykeman and Her Impact on the RiverWay

  Wilma Dykeman was an inspirational woman, advocate and author. Her legacy lives on in many of the projects that she held close to her heart, like the French Broad River in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. Dykeman made such a profound impact that the Wilma Dykeman Riverway exists today. Who was Wilma […]

Invasion and Environmental Impact of the Rusty Crayfish

  Topics: Invasive Species, Habitat Loss , Environmental Health     Every time you turn around there is another invasive species attacking   Rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) are not that exotic an invasive species. In fact, they are native to the Ohio river basin. However, they have spread well beyond their original range, causing similar […]

Idaho Gold Miners Not Rushing to Areas with River Dredging Rules

Removing the concentrate from gold sluice. Photo by John Louis. Ever since the California Gold Rush began in 1848, American opportunists have been passionately pursuing shiny metal in rivers and streams across the country. Idaho’s Salmon River remains a particularly active area. Some miners treat the pursuit as a hobby, using light equipment to scrape […]

Watershed Coordinators: Unique Challenges, Common Goals [Part 2]

Although watersheds’ needs vary with the watersheds themselves, the most important tools of watershed management are nearly universal. A watershed coordinator in Oregon can use them as easily as a watershed coordinator in Arizona, even though the two coordinators are dealing with vastly different environmental and political climates. One might think that these tools include […]

Watershed Coordinators: Unique Challenges, Common Goals [Part 1]

The field of watershed management has evolved to serve the needs of some of our most vital ecosystems. Whether a watershed primarily faces the challenge of industrial pollution, habitat destruction, or excessive diversion, a watershed coordinator can develop and lead efforts to keep the local watershed and its ecosystems healthy for years to come. Illustration […]