Fundraising Ideas For Football – Get Into The Game!

Topics: Crowdfunding, Fundraising and Raising Money Fundraising Ideas For Football Games – Flag Fundball     Flag football MPR Photo/Jennifer Simonson  ♦ As one of our many fundraising ideas for football, we’ve come up with yet another event fundraiser idea to help your community and environment, which will also get the kids out and exercising: […]

Easy Fundraising Ideas Using Affiliate Marketing and Creeklife

  We’re all familiar with fund raising that involves selling cookies, chocolate bars, and so forth, where the proceeds go toward a cause. The items that are sold are either purchased in bulk and sold at relatively high prices, or were made at home in the case of cookies or even lemon-aid. This would work […]

Community Fundraising Ideas & Events

    Great Fundraising Ideas For Your Nonprofit Organization   This summer & fall, try these six community fundraising ideas that any group or organization like the 4-H Clubs,The Boy and Girl Scouts, school fundraisers, neighborhood groups could do. Some are a little more involved, but if you create a Call to Action on this […]

Fundraising Ideas Your Local Art Community Will Support

Crowdfund a Creek Cleanup with the Help of Your Local Art Community Pablo Picasso was a truly groundbreaking artist; throughout his career, he dared his audiences to find aesthetic value in the chaotic, the rough-edged, and the conventionally ugly. One of most famous sculptures, Bull’s Head, is a simple yet powerful image built out of […]