River Erosion: What It Is & How It Happens

River Erosion: How Does It Happen? Here’s how you can help right now! Erosion is the process by which soil and rock are removed from the Earth’s surface by wind or water flow, and then transported and deposited in other locations. It is an environmental reality that can have great affect on bodies of water, […]

Hikers Needed to Study Snow Melt

Photograph by Jon Cooper. Environmental health researchers have uncovered some surprising facts about snow melt in forests, and now they are calling for citizen scientists to help out. If you love hiking and other outdoor sports, you may be able to help protect our watersheds while doing what you enjoy anyway. Most people probably think […]

Ways to Help the Environment: Mobilize Action

There are many ways for each of us to help the environment, whether by changing our personal routines to conserve energy, or by educating friends and coworkers on environmental issues. But the ability to mobilize a larger group can produce great results. Save the Green by Neloy Bandyopadhyay. Local Outreach Starting small can be the […]

Ten Ways That Trees Help the Environment

Photograph by Matt Bilton. Arbor Day was popularized by the famous call for all to plant a tree for the environment. But why does simply planting a tree contribute to saving the environment? This post addresses ten ways that trees help the environment, and why they should be protected. 1. Trees provide oxygen. A large […]

Protecting the Environment One Re-Usable Bag at a Time

Topics:Protecting the environmentAccording to the EPA, everyone lives in a watershed, “…and our individual actions can directly affect it.” A watershed is any area of land off of which water runs into streams, creeks and rivers. Many small bodies of water and the wildlife therein are threatened by pollution, and plastic bags are among the greatest […]

Four Easy Ways to Help the Environment

Everyone has heard about global warming. We know that the environment around us is threatened. At times, the problem is so large that it becomes overwhelming. Most of us want to help but we simply don’t know how. If you want to get involved, start in your local community. There are easy ways to help […]

Saving the Environment Through Home Improvement

From volunteering to clean-up creeks and highways, to donating to charitable causes for environmental action, there are a lot of ways we can become active participants in saving the environment. But there are even more ways to make small contributions, starting right at home. Here are some simple changes to reduce your pollution footprint, as […]