Why YOU Should Donate to Charity Organizations

    Giving Money to Charities and People In Need   For those of us that have stable financial and living situations, disaster is frightening but ultimately manageable. However, for those less fortunate a similar scenario threatens to put them in life threatening situations. After a flood, tornado or other major disaster, less fortunate individuals […]

How Can We Help Protect Frogs, Toads and Salamanders?

    How To Help Protect Frogs, Toads and Salamanders   Image by Wikimedia  Ohio is home to about 40 amphibian species and at least five of these are endangered, including the Eastern spadefoot toad and the cave salamander. Worldwide, the populations of frogs, toads and salamanders have been showing rapid decreases due to a […]

California’s Salton Sea Needs Help!

Related Topics: Important Resources – Watersheds  Grim Future for the Salton Sea if Action is Not Taken   The future of the Salton Sea, California’s largest lake, is currently pretty grim. The Salton Sea is shrinking and is in great danger of drying up if restoration action is not taken. The Salton Sea is part […]

Insects Helping the Environment

  Related Topics on Creeklife Insect Related Articles Habitats   Many of us consider insects as pests because the only time they enter into our awareness is when they bite or sting us or when we find them in places they don’t belong such as in our homes. However without them, the world would be […]

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the News, Helping the Environment

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts know the importance of helping the environment. Their leaders spend time teaching them eco-strategies, and scouts earn badges for their efforts. This instills in each of them the value of preserving our environment. We don’t always hear about what they do, so we want to take some time to honor […]

States of Water: Helping Kids Understand and Get Involved with the Environment

Before you start saving the environment, you have to understand it, and the learning process begins during childhood. There are many easy, everyday experiments that will help teach kids the importance of healthy ecosystems. You may remember some of them from your own childhood. And if you don’t, there’s no harm in brushing up your […]

Three Ways to Help the Environment with Your Morning Cup of Joe

Recently we discussed ecofriendly disposal of coffee grounds. Here are some more ways that your caffeine fix can have a conscience: 1. Get rid of the disposable paper cup! Although paper beats styrofoam, most mainstream disposable coffee cups are still no good. Nina Spitzer writes, “Most paper cups have a thin coating of polyethylene resin […]

Bird Watch: How to Help Five US Species Threatened by Watershed Pollution

The effects of watershed contamination are felt by all of the species that inhabit a local community, from humans to insects. However, some wildlife groups are impacted more than others, suffering from loss of habitat and disrupted breeding patterns, the frequent consequences of careless human activity. This post will introduce you to five bird species […]

Reduce Urban Runoff & Help Prevent Nonpoint Source Pollution

Photo by solarnu (Flickr). Do you know what happens to rainwater and snowmelt when they flow across the ground and soak into the soil? As the water moves, it picks up pollutants, ultimately spreading them to lakes, streams, and groundwater reserves. The farther the water has to travel before it can soak into the ground, […]

Easy Ways to Help the Environment Without Much Effort

Everybody wants to help the environment, but some people may not know how to do it without disrupting their current lifestyle. You don’t have to undergo massive changes to start making a positive impact. The little things will add up over time! Here are some easy ways that you can make a difference: Use Less […]