A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change

  Our world is always changing. Look out your window long enough, and you might see the weather change. Look even longer, and you’ll see the seasons change. The Earth’s climate is changing, too, but in ways that you can’t easily see. and warmer temperatures mean that an earlier spring.   A Student’s Guide to […]

3 Reasons to Go Canoeing With a River Guide

  Topics: Canoeing, wildlife and Fitness     Find the river and you will find the sea – French Proverb We humans are becoming increasingly more interested in preserving our health and the health of the world that we live in. In order to increase the health of our world, we need to engross ourselves […]

Quick Guide: EPA Superfunds & Helping the Environment

There are more than 40,000 identified hazardous waste sites in the United States. These sites, contaminated with dangerous chemicals, can pollute groundwater, the soil, and the air. Not only do they harm the environment, but they can be a danger to human health, increasing the chances of respiratory disease, cancer, birth defects, and more. Fortunately, […]