Microplastics In The Great Lakes Food Supply

  In the midst of the ongoing environmental crisis, the maintaining of our natural bodies of water is of key importance to mankind’s future. Unfortunately, over the past few years we have begun to realize just how many harmful human activities have decreased the quality of our water, as well as the lifeforms that occupy […]

Great Lakes water and the drought in California

  You have likely seen the disturbing and shocking pictures of the effect of the drought in California that have been making their way around online. What was once a lush river environment now resembles an almost canyon-like feel, where the walls of the dried out banks make the entire image seem unnatural and wrong. […]

Underground Aquifers: The Great Lakes Beneath Our Feet

Back in the 1960s, there were many references to how the American West was transforming its arid land into productive farmland. We were transforming our deserts into oases of abundance. Substantial use of groundwater in the Great Plains for irrigation began in the 1950s. Since then, the groundwater contained in the Ogallala Aquifer, which is […]

Invasive Species in Lake Erie and the Grand River Watershed

How Invasive species are taking over a watershed, an issue for local population of plants, fish and the watershed itself! Invasive species in the Great Lakes are a major problem for the wellbeing of aquatic life and thus also the commercial fishing industry. Areas along the Grand River watershed rely heavily on fishing, both commercial […]

Pollution in the Great Lakes

After decades, mercury pollution is once again a threat to the aquatic biodiversity of the Great Lakes. The methylmercury level in the water is rising, causing a disturbance to the natural food web. A recent study shows that pollution is already high enough to create pathogenic conditions in the human body. Mercury is usually found […]