Impact of Damming on Salamander Species along the Grand River

  Related Articles: River Dammings, The Grand River watershed and Habitats     River Damming   The building of any low head dams on river systems may have some significant effects on aquatic ecosystems. Adverse effects such as interruption of flood cycles, habitat degradation, flow rate, and watershed alterations are some examples of the consequences […]

Carbaryl and its Effects on the Grand River Watershed

The Grand River watershed is a 712 acre area that travels 98 miles into Lake Erie. A watershed is any area where water under that area, or water that drains from that area, goes to the same place. They can cross any county, state or national boundary. For those of you who live in Lake […]

Protecting the Grand River environment is important

Water is probably the most valuable resource on the planet, which is why it is so important to protect and preserve watersheds around the world. To be able to protect these places, it is important to understand where and what they are. Watersheds play an important role because it is the area of land that […]