Simple online fundraising websites

    Online Fundraising and Crowdfunding   Even though this website, Creeklife is a online fundraising site (crowdfunding website) it may not be perfect for your needs, in this article I want to talk about the other platforms that are available to web users. Because Creeklife focus on outdoor issues, you may have a need […]

How to Use Social Fundraising to Build Community and Reach Your Goals

  As you know, if you want fundraising success, you need to focus on more than just reaching the short-term dollar amount. As a Creeklife member, we want to introduce you to the concept of social fundraising which can help you achieve or exceed your fundraising goals on our site. Social fundraising helps you rally […]

Fundraising for kids

      Children represent our future. Given that, the importance of teaching them the value of service and giving back to others, is paramount. Fundraising for kids offers the perfect teachable moment for children to learn what it means to impact the life of another person, help progress an important project, or make their […]

Top 5 Fundraising Websites

  Fundraising has historically been an ideal method of obtaining money to support a specific cause, person, or challenge. In recent years, the internet has advanced the concept of fundraising drastically. With numerous websites and options for fundraisers there are tons of ways to gain necessary monetary support from others. And, believe it or not […]

Fundraising Ideas For Football – Get Into The Game!

Topics: Crowdfunding, Fundraising and Raising Money Fundraising Ideas For Football Games – Flag Fundball     Flag football MPR Photo/Jennifer Simonson  ♦ As one of our many fundraising ideas for football, we’ve come up with yet another event fundraiser idea to help your community and environment, which will also get the kids out and exercising: […]

Online Fundraising for Events

If you are going to raise money for a cause online, there are a number of things that can be learned from marketers. As you know, marketers are in the business of selling products and services. While selling things isn’t what you are trying to do, you are in a sense selling your cause. Donating […]

Fundraising Events via Crowdfunding

The world of fundraising is changing for businesses and nonprofits alike, and the results are unpredictable. Due to the troubled economy, among other things, folks involved in raising money for specific causes are facing a change in their donors. Donors have less to give, so they are less inclined to give to just anyone. They […]