Environmental Fundraising Ideas That Are Practical & Effective

Topics: Fundraising and Crowdfunding  Green Fundraising Ideas For Environmental Projects.   Most people value the environment and are concerned about the damage that occurs to the environment each year. However, that concern doesn’t always lead to personal action. Often people don’t know how to help with environmental issues in a practical way. If you have […]

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Community Fundraising Ideas & Events

    Great Fundraising Ideas For Your Nonprofit Organization   This summer & fall, try these six community fundraising ideas that any group or organization like the 4-H Clubs,The Boy and Girl Scouts, school fundraisers, neighborhood groups could do. Some are a little more involved, but if you create a Call to Action on this […]

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New Environmental Remediation Fund

In a recent announcement made by the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), the PIDC is providing a new resource in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency: the environmental remediation fund. The environmental remediation fund will be used to address significant, contaminated sites that have underperformed in improving their conditions. The fund essentially provides low-interest loans […]

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