How to Prevent Massive Environmental Pollution from Coal Sludge

The Dan River in 2007, by KMason (Flickr). Only a couple weeks ago, North Carolina’s Dan River was a reasonably healthy waterway. Its banks provided food, shelter, and habitat to birds and other wildlife, while its waters were a happy home for fish species ranging from native brook trout to landlocked striped bass. Now, a […]

7 Ways to Help the Environment Thrive Today

Our environment is threatened by a lot of things, but its biggest threat is our own activities. Here are the top 7 ways to help the environment thrive by changing our habits and producing positive results: 1. Forget Plastic There are many reasons why plastic is harmful for the environment: not only is it produced […]

Six Reasons Why Plastic Is Bad for the Environment

      Ways to help the environment   While this material can be useful, plastic pollution is the leading type of discarded material. Invented in 1907 by Leo Baekeland in New York, He developed the process to make plastic for the masses, then in 1947 the plastic bottle made it’s debut. This brings us […]

Helping the Environment In A Winter Wonderland: Go Green in Winter

When winter comes, the trees lose their leaves, cold airs set in, and (if you’re lucky), snow covers the landscape. It might seem like everyone is taking a break from helping the environment during these chilly times, but in reality, there is so much to do! Here are three simple steps for going green during the winter, […]

Use Apps to Protect the Environment

Technology has proven to be a double-edged sword when analyzing its effects on the environment. So how can we protect the environment while utilizing technical tools, like computers or mobile devices? One way is to use apps that can inform and help people all over the world about eco-friendly living and working. Here are a […]

Ten Ways That Trees Help the Environment

Photograph by Matt Bilton. Arbor Day was popularized by the famous call for all to plant a tree for the environment. But why does simply planting a tree contribute to saving the environment? This post addresses ten ways that trees help the environment, and why they should be protected. 1. Trees provide oxygen. A large […]

How to Lead An Environmental Cleanup

Environmental cleanup begins with the big picture of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, which takes responsibility for cleanup of hazardous materials at various sites throughout the country. This includes superfund sites, federal facilities, and Brownsfields properties. The EPA Cleanups in My Community program provides maps and specific information about these cleanup projects. There are many other cleanup […]

Four Easy Ways to Help the Environment

Everyone has heard about global warming. We know that the environment around us is threatened. At times, the problem is so large that it becomes overwhelming. Most of us want to help but we simply don’t know how. If you want to get involved, start in your local community. There are easy ways to help […]

Saving the Environment Through Home Improvement

From volunteering to clean-up creeks and highways, to donating to charitable causes for environmental action, there are a lot of ways we can become active participants in saving the environment. But there are even more ways to make small contributions, starting right at home. Here are some simple changes to reduce your pollution footprint, as […]