Reduce Pollution While Preparing Your Lawn and Garden for Summer

Those of us who are passionate about protecting the environment are always looking for ways to reduce pollution. Some strategies, like modifying your diet, are easy to practice in all seasons. Others are more relevant at certain times of year. Gardeners across the US are shaking the dust off of their shovels and making their […]

Watershed Road Signs: Vital to the Environmentalist’s Battle Against Obscurity

Scientific research is used every day to help the environment. Usually, it occurs through university labs and public interest foundations, but we’d like to encourage you to do some research of your own next time you visit your favorite creek. The experiment is easy: Politely stop some passersby and ask them two questions. One, if […]

How to Raise Money for a Environmental Project Online

We’ve talked about environmental crowdfunding before. This is a more in-depth look at the process. Photo by 401(K) 2012 (Flickr). Raising money for an environmental project can be a project all by itself. Luckily, once someone figures out how to raise money to clean up a local creek (for example), they will then have the […]

Know Your Enemy: How to Protect the Environment from Whirling Disease

When you hear the word “trout”, perhaps you think of an angler displaying a specimen of these beautiful sportfish before releasing it back into the water. Maybe you picture an osprey swooping down to seize a trout in its talons. Or you might picture one of the top predators of a small stream lurking in […]

Take the Initiative to Promote Environmental Preservation in Your Community

Delivering the message of environmental preservation to the larger public has often been a challenge for ecofriendly organizations. Frequently the audience is not ready to accept the issues at hand. Organizations need new ways to reach out and help people realize that environmental concerns will affect everyone. Campaign by Project GreenBag. The Challenge of Presenting […]

Environmental Awareness Begins at the Local Level

Today it’s more important than ever for environmental awareness to be part of everyone’s daily activities. More people need to understand the many benefits associated with preserving and protecting the natural world. It is essential to realize that the physical environment where we live is something humans can easily damage but not so easily fix. […]

Easy Ways to Help the Environment Without Much Effort

Everybody wants to help the environment, but some people may not know how to do it without disrupting their current lifestyle. You don’t have to undergo massive changes to start making a positive impact. The little things will add up over time! Here are some easy ways that you can make a difference: Use Less […]

Reduce Pollution and Save Money: College Student Edition

Topics: Recycling and Ways to help the environment. Help The Environment and Save Money For School. Environmental action can be difficult to translate into a busy academic schedule. Many college students feel that they don’t have the money, time or energy for extra responsibilities. However, working to reduce pollution has the added benefit of being […]

Ditch Companies: Environmental Allies

When we think of the impact that agriculture has on the environment, some of the first things that spring to mind are pesticides that poison rivers and invasive super-crops that threaten local species. Historically, there have been tensions between agriculturalists and environmentalists. But there are many farmers and ranchers who are just as interested in […]

Poetry for Environmental Preservation: Save Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Promoting Environmentalism Related topics: Environmental Health and Community cleanup Efforts to preserve the environment can take many forms, some of them unexpected. A Michigan nonprofit, Save the Wild Upper Peninsula (U.P.), wants to do it through poetry. The goal is to encapsulate the beauty of nature in a few verses–or perhaps a sonnet, a la […]