Climate Change Is So Bad That the US and China Agree on It

    The world’s bigggest pollutors get together.   FOR YEARS, CHINA and the US have kept each other locked in a regulatory stalemate over climate change. As political rivals, neither one of the world’s biggest carbon emitters was going to budge unless it was sure any action it took to curb carbon dioxide emissions […]

Solar Power Plants That Could Do Better

    More reliable than a traditional solar farm?   Some costly high-tech solar power projects aren’t living up to promises their backers made about how much electricity they could generate. Solar-thermal technology, which uses mirrors to capture the sun’s rays, was once heralded as the advance that would overtake old fashioned solar panel farms. […]

The Relevance of Microplastics in Our Environment

  Micro plastics could kill us all!Microplastics are one of the littlest, deadliest manufactured secretes out there today. It has made it’s way into some of our most revered products and threatens the health of our wildlife and our own! Have you ever taken the time to consider the ingredients in your commonly used personal […]

Summer Jobs and Conservation Work

  Topics: Habitat Loss , Endangered Species and Volunteering   How Practical Conservation Volunteering Works   All the standard ways of making your lifestyle greener, such as walking more and driving less, are an essential part of helping the environment, but you don’t usually see their effects, at least not straight away. Sustainable living isn’t […]

Invasion and Environmental Impact of the Rusty Crayfish

  Topics: Invasive Species, Habitat Loss , Environmental Health     Every time you turn around there is another invasive species attacking   Rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) are not that exotic an invasive species. In fact, they are native to the Ohio river basin. However, they have spread well beyond their original range, causing similar […]

Insects Helping the Environment

  Related Topics on Creeklife Insect Related Articles Habitats   Many of us consider insects as pests because the only time they enter into our awareness is when they bite or sting us or when we find them in places they don’t belong such as in our homes. However without them, the world would be […]

Top Ways to help the environment -Use Rain Barrels

Many of us want more ways to help the environment and don’t often hear about rain barrels. They are a simple way to conserve water and reduce your summer watering bills. They reduce water pollution by reducing the amount of water that goes into storm drains. They reduce your water use since most rain barrels […]

Are Mosquitoes Good for the Environment?

  Mosquitoes are the small winged pests that feast on our blood. They are the reason why more than one million people die each year from the diseases they carry. From the website, “Malaria infects some 247 million people worldwide each year, and kills nearly one million. Mosquitoes cause a huge further medical and […]

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the News, Helping the Environment

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts know the importance of helping the environment. Their leaders spend time teaching them eco-strategies, and scouts earn badges for their efforts. This instills in each of them the value of preserving our environment. We don’t always hear about what they do, so we want to take some time to honor […]

States of Water: Helping Kids Understand and Get Involved with the Environment

Before you start saving the environment, you have to understand it, and the learning process begins during childhood. There are many easy, everyday experiments that will help teach kids the importance of healthy ecosystems. You may remember some of them from your own childhood. And if you don’t, there’s no harm in brushing up your […]