The “Dead Zone” Effects of the BP Oil Spill 2015

    Five years later, the BP oil spill of 2010 remains a serious environmental concern. Who could forget the heart-wrenching images of what appeared to be the ocean on fire or the thousands of pictures of marine life sledging through oil, or dead on the beach? It’s hard to forget an accident that caused […]

Land Use and it’s Double Edge Impact on Our Watersheds

  Topics: Importance of Watersheds and River Education   How Land-Use Affects Watersheds   We impact our land and rivers with many long term decisions we make as a community , here are the biggest impact we have: (a) Farming – growing food and raising animals aka – Agriculture (b) Production and harvesting of materials […]

The Effect of Fracking: Water Systems & Drinking Water

Anti-fracking march; photo via hudsonriverkeeper (Flickr). There is a huge fracking fracas that is spreading throughout the US as gas exploration companies seek to target underground gas resources throughout the country. You may be wondering what all the uproar is about. We need energy, and underground gas reserves offer an abundant source of natural energy […]

Beavers And Their Effect On A Watershed

A Beavers Habitat Related Articles: River Dammings, Otters, Beavers and Habitat Loss The North American beaver (Castor canadensis) has had an uneven history. The species once thrived throughout much of the United States and Canada. However, as European colonists started to spread farther and farther west, the animal’s thick, waterproof fur made it a target. […]