What Do Your Creek’s Insects Tell You About Its Environmental Health?

Many watershed coordinators, ecofriendly crowdfunders, and other environmental activists are accustomed to the realities of working with limited resources. It’s simply not practical to throw everything at your creek’s problems and hope that something will improve its health. Instead, you need to be able to identify specific problems to target and fix. Illustration by Jonathan […]

How Do Rivers Form?

From the Mississippi to the Colorado to the Potomac, natural waterways are vital to America’s environment, economy, and recreation. But few people know or wonder how these rivers formed their courses. Utah: Canyonlands by Marivel87 (deviantART). The birth of a river is dependent on its water-source, which might be snowmelt, precipitation, or groundwater from an […]

Plastic Bags & the Environment: Not a Good Mix

Plastic bags are everywhere. They are in stores, homes and unfortunately also the natural environment. In the United States alone there are billions of plastic bags used each year. They are disposed of in landfills as well as in the open ocean. Since plastic bags have such a slow rate of decomposition, they will be […]

What You Need To Know About Water Pollution

Water pollution is a global challenge that threatens the health, food security, economy, and ecosystems of communities everywhere. The first step toward positive change is to learn more about how and why water becomes contaminated. Here are some water pollution facts, and tips for what you can do to save the environment: 1. Only 2.5% […]