Climate Change Vulnerability to Water Assests in 8 Cities

Topics: Flooding, Environmental Health and Drinking water     Climate change and the vulnerability to our drinking water   When we talk about ‘climate change’ in this article, we do not specifically mean global warming, though that does play a part. The climate of an area regularly goes through fluctuations, and we are currently experiencing […]

Fecal Contamination In Our Drinking Water

Topics: Drinking water , Environmental Health and Water Pollution  Microbial contamination of drinking water   “The present water closet system, with all its boasted advantages, is the worst that can generally be adopted, briefly because it is a most extravagant method of converting a mole-hill into a mountain. It merely removes the bulk of our […]

Is Marcellus Shale Costing Us Our Drinking Water?

Topics: drinking water and hydraulic fracturing   Marcellus Shale – Fracking Pollution or Progress?   We all know that most of the earths surface is covered in water – 70%. Of that 97% is salt water, 2% is glacial water at the poles, and 1% is accessible, fresh water that we can use? That one […]

The Drinking Water Crisis in Review

Amar Guriro describes his photo: “A resident of Achhro Thar […] is taking his camel to get well water. [This part of Pakistan] is facing acute potable water shortage.” One commenter offered grim praise: “This amazing image brings home the fundamental importance of water and the urgency of its increasing scarcity in parts of the […]

What are you REALLY drinking from your plastic water bottle?

Did you know that bottled water companies are not required to test for asbestos in their water? They are also allowed to have levels of contaminants such as lead and bacteria. Traces of E. coli are prohibited in tap water, but not in bottled water. Tap water is more strictly regulated than bottled water, and […]