How to Use Social Fundraising to Build Community and Reach Your Goals

  As you know, if you want fundraising success, you need to focus on more than just reaching the short-term dollar amount. As a Creeklife member, we want to introduce you to the concept of social fundraising which can help you achieve or exceed your fundraising goals on our site. Social fundraising helps you rally […]

Universities Supporting The Community They Live In

  Topics: Community Involvement and Organizations.   Ways to Serve the Community.   In the face of the economic depression throughout the world, students, faculty, and administrators are realizing their need to help the communities around them. Unlike businesses and residents, colleges and universities are unable to relocate when times get bad, and they have […]

Community Fundraising Ideas & Events

    Great Fundraising Ideas For Your Nonprofit Organization   This summer & fall, try these six community fundraising ideas that any group or organization like the 4-H Clubs,The Boy and Girl Scouts, school fundraisers, neighborhood groups could do. Some are a little more involved, but if you create a Call to Action on this […]

Know Your Enemy: How to Protect the Environment from Whirling Disease

When you hear the word “trout”, perhaps you think of an angler displaying a specimen of these beautiful sportfish before releasing it back into the water. Maybe you picture an osprey swooping down to seize a trout in its talons. Or you might picture one of the top predators of a small stream lurking in […]

Crowdfunding a Community Compost Center

What Good a Compost Bin Could do Composite sites are an easy way to bring the community together and strengthen the local neighborhood. In this article, we’ll give you examples and links to composite centers around the country. Too often, human activity harms the environment in multiple ways at once. Litter and pollution create hazards […]

Helping the Environment In A Winter Wonderland: Go Green in Winter

When winter comes, the trees lose their leaves, cold airs set in, and (if you’re lucky), snow covers the landscape. It might seem like everyone is taking a break from helping the environment during these chilly times, but in reality, there is so much to do! Here are three simple steps for going green during the winter, […]