Plastic Bag Waste

Related Topics: Plastic Bags and Plastics & The Environment   Are plastics really that bad?   As you well know, the prevalence of plastic in our world is profound. It surrounds us all of the time. Take a look around you; you will be surprised at how many plastic items you see. Now stop and […]

Plastic Bags & the Environment: Not a Good Mix

Plastic bags are everywhere. They are in stores, homes and unfortunately also the natural environment. In the United States alone there are billions of plastic bags used each year. They are disposed of in landfills as well as in the open ocean. Since plastic bags have such a slow rate of decomposition, they will be […]

Protecting the Environment One Re-Usable Bag at a Time

Topics:Protecting the environmentAccording to the EPA, everyone lives in a watershed, “…and our individual actions can directly affect it.” A watershed is any area of land off of which water runs into streams, creeks and rivers. Many small bodies of water and the wildlife therein are threatened by pollution, and plastic bags are among the greatest […]