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Are these tricks sneaky? Yes. Are they little? Certainly. Will they help you save the environment? Absolutely! So does it matter that they are sneaky and little? Nope. What matters is that these are things that you can do no matter who you are or where you are. All you need to get started is a big heart and a love for the environment.

Go for a walk and take pictures of your surroundings. This not only captures the beauty in our world, but also the potential areas for big projects to be worked on. For example, say you are walking around your town’s creek and you come across an area where there is a lot of trash that can be picked up. You can take a picture of it, then post it to your neighborhood and ask for help. Some people did just that near Cow Creek.

Ideas about saving the environment written on notecards left by concerened visitors the the California Academy of Sciences

Eco-tips from the California Academy of Sciences, via thaths (Flickr).

Whenever you go out, bring a bag to fill with trash from the road. Join the litterati! You can dispose of your collected litter in a dumpster on the way home. Cleaning up your local environment will give you a sense of pride. You’ll also be leading others by good example. Bonus? All of that bending and squatting will help you get stronger for bigger projects ahead!

Speaking of leading by example, while you’re cleaning up and walking, you’re also educating and creating awareness without having to devote extra effort. For every person that sees you bend over and pick up a piece of litter, they become a little more aware of their surroundings. It might take a while, but before long your efforts will infect others with a desire to move and help make their world a cleaner, more beautiful place.

By the time you get home from you walk, you’ve probably got a warm feeling from knowing that you’ve done something good for yourself, your environment, and the future. Not a bad way to sneak some earth-healthy habits into a short walk.

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