Plastic Bag Waste

Related Topics: Plastic Bags and Plastics & The Environment   Are plastics really that bad?   As you well know, the prevalence of plastic in our world is profound. It surrounds us all of the time. Take a look around you; you will be surprised at how many plastic items you see. Now stop and […]

Genetically Modified Food aka GMO’s

    How Bowling Green State University, Ohio is working towards sustainability-       Related Topics: Environmental Health  Why even have GMO laws?   What Are GMOs? Genetically modified food, also known as GMO (gmo foods)has been a controversial topic for many years. The consumption of genetically modified crops began in the US in […]

Climate March

  Read More: Community Involvement     Climate Change March In NY And How To Make a Local Difference.   More on the NY March  On September 21, 2014 over 310,000 people gathered in the streets of New York City forming the largest Climate March the nation has ever seen. The People’s Climate March lined […]

Donate Don’t Dump does good for the world

Related Topics: Recycling  Gabrielle Posard is Making a Huge Dent in Eliminating Hunger   Donate Don’t Dump is a non-profit organization devoted to alleviating hunger by making use of food that is typically deposited as waste in landfills. This phenomenal organization has kept 800,000 lbs of food from being greenhouse gas emitting, landfill waste- instead […]

The Relevance of Microplastics in Our Environment

  Micro plastics could kill us all!Microplastics are one of the littlest, deadliest manufactured secretes out there today. It has made it’s way into some of our most revered products and threatens the health of our wildlife and our own! Have you ever taken the time to consider the ingredients in your commonly used personal […]

Helping to Maintain the Beauty of the Oregon Coast

Related Topics: Organizations    The Oregon Coast Alliance   Growing up it’s great having an older sibling that looks out for you, I think of the Oregon Coast Alliance as an older brother or sister. I see a group of dedicated folks looking out for their neighbors best interest. The mission of the Orgeon Coast […]

Honey Bees Colonies Are Disappearing

Topics: Honey Bee Honey bee problems on the rise   To the general population, honey bees are the producers of the sticky, yellow sweetener we use in tea and on our toast. Most people don’t recognize the importance these busy, little bees have on the US Agricultural system. As pollinators, honey bees are largely responsible […]

The Cuyahoga River Yesterday and Today

Topics: Cleveland, Ohio  The Famous Flaming River of Cleveland – The Beautiful Cuyahoga!   The Cuyahoga River located in Northeast Ohio feeds Lake Erie with its 85 miles of winding waters. This river, also known to some as the river that burned, has history. At one point it was a poster child…an example for being […]

How Farming Practices Could Prevent Algae Blooms.

Topics:Importance of watersheds and algal blooms  Sustainable farming practices will help reduce algal.     We are standing toe-to-toe with a choice that will change the world forever: change the way we are treating the planet, or accept the consequences. In our world today, we hear about deadly mudslides, harmful algal blooms (HAB) in Lake […]

Fundraising Ideas For Football – Get Into The Game!

Topics: Crowdfunding, Fundraising and Raising Money Fundraising Ideas For Football Games – Flag Fundball     Flag football MPR Photo/Jennifer Simonson  ♦ As one of our many fundraising ideas for football, we’ve come up with yet another event fundraiser idea to help your community and environment, which will also get the kids out and exercising: […]