Fundraising for kids

      Children represent our future. Given that, the importance of teaching them the value of service and giving back to others, is paramount. Fundraising for kids offers the perfect teachable moment for children to learn what it means to impact the life of another person, help progress an important project, or make their […]

5 Reasons to Reach for Reusable Bags Instead of Plastic Bags

      We’ve all been there: in line at the grocery store, a week’s worth of food on the conveyor belt, and you realize you’ve forgotten your reusable bag at home. Maybe the plastic bags vs. reusable bags question has been settled in your household, and you almost always bring your reusable bags with […]

Generating Electricity from Water Pipes

      It seems as though almost every day we are introduced to a new idea of how we can best create new energy in a sustainable and effective manner. In a time of rising climate change crises, there is more pressure than ever to find effective energy harvesting methods in order to secure […]

Social Impact Bonds are on the Uptick

      Making a true social impact that provides valuable change in a community can be difficult. Beyond simply getting the dedication of passionate individuals, funding large projects meant to enact social progress can be nearly impossible. Unfortunately, both privatized and public sector money is rarely invested in projects focused on social worth, due […]

The “Dead Zone” Effects of the BP Oil Spill 2015

    Five years later, the BP oil spill of 2010 remains a serious environmental concern. Who could forget the heart-wrenching images of what appeared to be the ocean on fire or the thousands of pictures of marine life sledging through oil, or dead on the beach? It’s hard to forget an accident that caused […]

One Tiny Creek at a Time…

        Here is a story about how one person is making a little difference for his community one tiny creek at a time. Backyard Creeks is an aspiring, new, open- source, non-profit company whose motto is “think Little.”. Backyard Creeks works with little groups to host volunteer stewardship events for little creeks […]

Why people (and you) should give to charity

        We plan all kinds of things to do with our hard earned money. Giving it away, however, isn’t one of the first things that comes to mind. Sure, plenty of us will throw a couple bucks in the tin for the Salvation Army at Christmas, or we’ll buy a box of […]

How Can We Help Protect Frogs, Toads and Salamanders?

    How To Help Protect Frogs, Toads and Salamanders   Image by Wikimedia  Ohio is home to about 40 amphibian species and at least five of these are endangered, including the Eastern spadefoot toad and the cave salamander. Worldwide, the populations of frogs, toads and salamanders have been showing rapid decreases due to a […]

Top 5 Fundraising Websites

  Fundraising has historically been an ideal method of obtaining money to support a specific cause, person, or challenge. In recent years, the internet has advanced the concept of fundraising drastically. With numerous websites and options for fundraisers there are tons of ways to gain necessary monetary support from others. And, believe it or not […]

Bowling Green State University: Working Towards Sustainability

  How Bowling Green State University, Ohio is working towards sustainability Bowling Green State University, located in beautiful Bowling Green, Ohio has made great strides in recent years in developing a sustainable campus. The Department of the Environment and Sustainability and the School of Earth Environment and Society educates and prepares students to plan for […]