Many of us are committed to reducing our personal daily impact on the environment, but it takes the efforts of an entire neighborhood–or an entire city–to build a better, cleaner future. Community-scale projects that promote environmental awareness are a winning proposition. Why not educate the public while giving them a good time?

River City Eco Frest in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida is home to the River City Eco Fest. This boisterous event is a celebration of the local environment, and a communal effort to support organizations that are committed to preserving natural resources. This year, the fair will take place on May 17th. On the docket are live musical performances, vendor markets, an extensive “Eco Village”, food trucks, a KidZone for children to play in, and more. Highlights include a visit from a touring film festival and a musical petting zoo!

6-mile paddle boat race on St. John's River in Jacksonville, Florida // River City Eco Fest

A big part of the River City Eco Fest is the 6-mile paddle boat race on St. John’s River. This waterway is the longest river in Florida, and an important part of the state’s watershed. At the family-oriented event, everyone from the city can come together and learn more about ecofriendly lifestyles and river-saving work, while supporting local businesses.

Is there a similar event in your area? If not, consider hosting one! It can take a lot of energy, logistical planning, and some funding, but using a platform like Creeklife can help connect community members, prompting them to join forces in defense of the environment. From a small neighborhood block party, to a large initiative like the River City Eco Fest, a festival celebrating the environment is informative and interactive, building community connections among businesses and neighbors.

Does your community organize an event like the River City Eco Fest? Please let us know on any of our social networks!

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Posted by Mark Contorno.

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