Ways to help the environment and Online Fundraising Efforts


Online fundraising sites have become some of the fastest growing philanthropy platforms available for people who are interested in raising money for just about anything here in the U.S. and it continues to rise, according to Blackbaud’s Online Giving Report.

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Online Fundraising Websites — An Exploding Movement

Online giving increased 13.5% in 2013, a huge difference compared to an online giving increase of 1.7% in 2012. “Online giving is where people are these days,” says Julie Taylor, director of donor information at the Seattle Children’s Hospital Foundation ….. “that’s just where they’re more comfortable giving now.”

Online Fundraising Methods & Benefits

The benefits of online fundraising is that large amounts of money can often be generated in very little time. Many organizations are now able to reach out to donors who, at times before, could not be reached by more traditional means.

As many do become more consciously aware of how we can all benefit one another by working together, creative ideas will become unlimited as will the many fundraising opportunities. Here are just several innovative crowd funding websites that can help get your fundraising projects off the ground.

StartSomeGood provides the tools for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs to raise the necessary funds to implement ideas promoting social improvements.

Once you’ve defined your project and have set your funding goal, StartSomeGood will provide you the platform to raise funds while at the same time building supporters. For more information about this crowd funding site, visit start some is a website dedicated to helping leaders of communities bring to life projects that will strengthen, create positive changes while engaging neighbors. ioby helps raise the funds you’ll need to get the job done.

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Creeklife – An Online Fundraising Platform For Communities Nationwide

Creeklife is a unique crowdfunding website solely focused on saving the planet. What Creeklife has done was divided a map of the U.S. into watersheds, and are asking that people begin to take responsibility of their watershed area. To become involved, an individual can claim a project in that area as well as encouraging friends and neighbors to help out, too. To learn more about how you can help, and use our online fundraising platform.

Nature’s Vision Fundraising – An Eco-Friendly Donation Website

Nature’s Vision Fundraising carries a line of eco-friendly products for your fund raising needs. Whether it’s for schools, churches, or any organization wanting to raise money for a particular goal, NaturesVisionFundraising offers an array of unique products, giving the organization the peace of mind of knowing that as their goal is being met, a portion of profits will also be used to support environmental causes for a sustainable planet. To find out more about NVF products, visit

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