The EPA encourages municipal authorities to use green infrastructure when mitigating urban stormwater problems. More and more cities are basing their strategies around natural resources, helping to reduce water quantity and improve water quality using methods that have been on Earth for millennia. The way forward they believe is by thinking of new ways to educate the users on stormwater throught their new software

Via David Bloniarz on Vimeo.

Many urban hydrology models exist, but few account for the canopy effects that trees and shrubs have on stormwater management. The i-Tree Hydro model is a public domain software application developed by stormwater engineers and scientists from the US Forest Service. It simulates changes in the characteristics of trees and impervious covers, within a defined area of interest, and illustrates possible effects on streamflow and water quality. This system was designed specifically to handle urban vegetation effects, so city planners can quantify changes in local hydrology. The information will aid in management and planning decisions.

The i-Tree Hydro software would be a great addition to your green infrastructure toolbox. If you choose to pursue a training course, professional development and continuing education credits can be applied (for civil engineers, stormwater managers, and arborists).

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